How is my order processed?

The packaging of our jewelry is luxurious boxes with pouch inside, wrapped with black satin ribbon, sealed with sealing wax that bears our signature.

Is VAT included in online shopping?

Yes, VAT is included on the prices of jewelry available in the online store.

How can I pay;

Payment methods:

  1. Bank deposit
  2. Αντικαταβολή Cash on delivery (Only for Greece and Cyprus)
  3. By credit card
  4. Via PAYPAL

How can I find out what number ring I am wearing?

There are several ways to find the number one ring you are wearing.

  1. One is to visit the nearest jewelry store and ask them to measure your finger with the special meter.
  2. Another way is to measure the diameter of your ring and transfer it to the images to help you find your number . In the second column of the table are the diameters corresponding to the numbers.
  3. Finally, wrap your finger with a thread or a measuring tape until a circle is created around it and with a pen mark the place where the other end meets. Open the measuring tape or thread in a straight line and with the help of a ruler measure its length in millimeters. This way you will find the inner perimeter of your finger. In combination with the first column of the table, you will find your number.